Art History Online

My knowledge of the history of art is dismal. We did do it for three years during my Graphic Design Diploma course in the seventies but it was unbelievably superficial and I always feel really ignorant when the subject comes up. So I am very interested in this free online course and thought some of you might be too. This is the introduction:

“The Art History discipline is designed to develop visual arts literacy, as well as critical and interpretive thinking skills. As an Art History Major, you will receive a solid grounding in the history of western art as well as the art of certain non-western cultures. The major consists of twelve courses: four mandatory “core program” courses and eight electives.

The core program will introduce the principal terminology, methods, and questions that comprise the study of art history and will prepare you to discuss and understand the major issues of art history and the central debates of art historical criticism. Your first course, ARTH101: Art Appreciation and Techniques, will present you with an overview of the language, themes, and techniques most frequently used in art and its study as well as the tools you need to approach visual art from an art historical perspective. You will then take ARTH110 followed by ARTH111, which survey the history of Western art from prehistoric times to the present.”

I have a feeling that you can access all the material without registering which excites me. Is this a sign of lack of commitment? Anyway….if you’re interested it could be worth taking a look here.


4 thoughts on “Art History Online

  1. If you’re not registered, will you do the assignments?
    If you don’t do the assignments, will you develop the necessary understanding of the content?

    • You are so correct. I think I am scared of the commitment and the (strong) possibility of not being “up to it”!

  2. If you’re not registered, will you do the assignments?
    If you don’t do the assignments, will you gain the insights that are necessary for the material to be taken up into your consciousness?

  3. I majored in Art History, but that was about 15 years ago, so most of it has been lost in the dark dungeon that is my mind. I had a look through the course syllabus, Colleen, and there are some electives that interest me, but I see much of the material involve iTunes, and for some or other reason my laptop always has problems when I try to run iTunes or install a newer version. Sigh. I agree with Jenny that it helps to do assignments to internalize the material. When you register, you are more likely to see it as a commitment, and you will most likely get more out of it. It is like the MOOCs I have done – if I did not do the assignments I would have invested less of myself, and probably would have baled out before it was finished!
    I think you have to decide if you want a well-rounded foundation in Art History, in which case you probably should register and do the course in the order they suggest, including assignments and projects. On the other hand, if you simply want to get some insight into a specific topic, or research something, you would probably just access specific bits of material, without registering and committing yourself to doing all the assignments.

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